Unix Mumps Project

Unix Mumps is one of the original PFCS Corporation projects, started back in 1984 before the founding of the company.

What Mumps Is

Mumps is a powerful string manipulation language with an embedded database, and is ideally suited for applications which store and access large random databases.

Mumps applications include health care, accounting and finance, manufacturing and inventory control, telemarketing, shipping, publications libraries, law enforcement, facilities management, office automation, human resources management, full-text search and retrieval, sales management and order tracking, and computer-based instruction.

PFCS Corporation's Unix Mumps is a high-performance, well-integrated Mumps implementation for Unix. Exceeding the ANSI X11.1-1990 Mumps Standard, Unix Mumps provides arbitrary precision arithmetic, unlimited subscript, data, and variable storage.

From single-user workstations to heterogeneous networks supporting thousands of users, our advanced distributed database technology can be configured to provide 24 hour data availability with no down-time for backups. Simple network management allows automated reconfiguration of resources in the event of component failure.


End-User Information

PFCS Corporation's Unix Mumps Software Package is geared toward the end user.

Basic technical information and installation documentation is provided.

An annual Update Service provides free software updates. We encourage users to purchase the annual Update Service, to make sure they receive the increased performance, features, and reliability they deserve.

A Developer Support Package is available, and provides telephone support, and additional documentation, software, and utilities which are often of great benefit to applications developers.

Developer Information

The Unix Mumps Developer Support Package is designed for applications developers. These applications developers can be an in-house team developing software for internal use, or a group developing software for resale.

The Developer Support Package provides a Mumps/C interface library software, developer support utilities, e-mail technical support for two people for one year, and documentation support tools.

Telephone support is available separately.

Supported Platforms

Unix Mumps is available for the following platforms:

Porting Unix Mumps to most other Unix platforms is very easy.