Services that PFCS Corporation Provides

PFCS Corporation proudly offers services in the following areas of expertise:

Unix Systems and Server Administration

PFCS Corporation has practical knowledge of a wide variety of Unix and Unix-like operating systems for servers and workstations, including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, a wide variety of Linux distributions, and most every other flavor of Unix since AT&T's Version 7 release. PFCS Corporation is also committed to the development and usage of free and Open Source software.

Infrastructure Architecture

Infrastructure architecture needs vary on a per-company or per-product basis. The bottom line is that with a proper level of infrastructure architecture one can easily and inexpensively

  • tell a machine to reboot and install a specific version of an OS with a specific set of tools and users.
  • provide the versions of each tool needed to build, test, and validate old, current, and new releases of any product on a diverse collection of platforms.
  • track and use different versions of 3rd party software.
  • have your development and Q/A processes pass ISO 9000/9001 certification.

Core needs usually revolve around a revision control system (for both source code as well as system configuration information), an issue tracking system, and maintaining the correct time on your computers.

It is also frequently very useful and productive to have adequate systems performance monitoring and tracking tools.